Called To Words is a blog with the ability to grow into a great opportunity for community, a channel for well-curated content, and a platform for readers, writers, and social media engagement.
To effectively reach this vision for consistent, quality content, there needs to be a team of skilled individuals with a passion for writing, reviewing, sharing, and communicating.

What Can I Do?
We have all been Called to Words, so how are you going to use yours?

1. We are looking for skilled writers and content creators.
2. We need social media managers to handle Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
3. We are looking for team members to guide creative decisions and outreach strategies.

Your participation at any level is encouraged, from suggestions to, articles, to team involvement.
If interested, email with:

  • Your contact information
  • Your reason for joining
  • Sample of writing (Or managed Social Media pages for Social Media team.)

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