Welcome to a new portion of Called To Words!

This section will be for book reviews, articles, other blogs I read, etc. I want this to be informative and helpful, which I would love your help with!

Please feel free to submit your own opinions on books, send and suggest books and articles for me to read, and I will do the same.

The first book I will review is: Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry.
I have been a fan of Jackie Hill Perry’s music for several years, but I was instantly intrigued at her “hot button” title when it first was announced on one of the many book websites I keep up with.
Jackie is a talented musician, spoken-word poet, and powerful speaker. She is one of many Christian women to use her platform to engage with culture without deviating from her biblically based convictions.

Matthew Vines and others have made headlines in recent years as they affirm “gay-Christians” and the freedom to both trust in the authority and truth of the Bible and embrace the way they were made as homosexuals.

Perry argues no such thing. Instead, through beautiful prose, clear and personable language, and with her signature artistic flourish she paints the picture of her life; she includes the dark backdrop of her past filled with sin, as well as the bright hope she found only in Christ.
One of the greatest quotes highlights her urgency to point the reader to Christ and not inwardly to their own individual sexual identity:

“Our sexuality is not our soul, marriage is not heaven, and singleness is not hell. So may we all preach the news that is good for a reason. For it proclaims to the world that Jesus has come so that all sinners, same-sex attracted and opposite-sex attracted, can be forgiven of their sins to love God and enjoy him forever.”

If I’m honest, the first few chapters of this book made me cringe. Perry was so honest that it was uncomfortable. I have not personally dealt with SSA (same-sex attraction),  but she was so honest to portray that her desires seemed natural, that her attraction to the same sex seemed like a normal and healthy thing… That is until she came face to face with the transformative power of the Gospel. I don’t want to spoil the story as I highly encourage you to read it and pass it on to others who are struggling or who are unsure about how they feel.
As someone who hasn’t walked the same roads as Jackie, I’m incredibly thankful for her honesty, transparency, and insight in this book.
We must be willing to engage with this issue as it will surely be relevant in our families homes and churches. I believe this book will help you talk and think with others in a loving, truthful, and God honoring way about our sin, our past, our faith, and our future.
No matter what the first two words would be of our own book, we all have the opportunity to testify to a “Good God” who offers salvation to all who believe.

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