Due to the amount of reading, studying, working, parsing (for Greek), and valuable time spent with my wife, I haven’t had as much time to write my Weekly Word posts!
There will certainly be more as I cross books off my semester reading list and harken back to old favorites.
This week, I am recommending to you: The Bible.
“But David…” you say. “I already have a Bible.” To which I would reply, “Great!” And then I would probably ask you what passage you’ve been studying, what some of your favorite passages are, what your pastor has been preaching on, and if you drink coffee??
I’m recommending this to you as someone who has implemented these journals as a portion of my weekly study habits. The individual books of the Bible from Crossway (pictured above) are tremendous! They have released every book of the Old and New Testaments with every other page filled with text and every other page blank for you to interact with what you are reading.
They are ESV, with 12-point font and a lay-flat biding; honestly, they are also a lot of fun to use and are very practical to take with you as you study a particular group either by yourself, or with a group.
These are great for pastors and congregants alike: The lined pages provide great opportunities to bullet sermon points or outlines, in-depth word studies, practical applications, illustrations, prayers, etc. It has been a great way for me to do most of the above.
I’m thankful for the team at Crossway and have already bought an entire set of the New Testament (working through Matthew right now), and look forward to getting the entire Old Testament set very soon.

Do you have a journaling Bible? Or would you use one if you did?
Which book of the Bible is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments below!

God bless and look out for this week’s post coming soon!!!

In Christ,
David Bunce

5 thoughts on “Crossway Scripture Journals

  1. I don’t have a journaling Bible, but I journal regularly in my Moleskine! I would definitely utilize a journaling Bible if I had one, though. As for my favorite book of the Bible, I would have to go with Mark or Philemon. But that changes, usually depending on what I am studying in depth at the time haha.

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      1. I took a class on Mark and we had to read through it in one sitting every week during the semester. I was really able to see how everything came together and it was awesome. As for Philemon, I think it’s just such an awesome real life application of the Gospel. The whole letter is Paul asking (instead of using his apostolic authority to command) Philemon to forgive someone who wronged him deeply and to treat him (Onesimus, a runaway slave) as a brother in Christ. That kind of forgiveness is only possible through the Gospel!

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