A great confusion exists concerning the idea of what constitutes a blessing. People use the word “blessing” for many things: It could be a the last piece of leftover pizza, a simple complement, a new car, job, or relationship. It could be someone saved from a storm, given a raise, or a great birthday gift… such as the aforementioned leftover pizza.

It can be a prayer offered from someone, or a response to someone sneezing. But what does it really mean to be blessed?

Most frequently, when people say they are blessed, they are referring to physical blessings. Possessions are most often equated with blessing. When I have asked others what they have been blessed with, it most often turns into a list of their material possessions or their family and friends. Then if you visit instagram and/or twitter and look at the hashtag, blessed, you will see just how varied the idea of being blessed really is:

(The tweets above were just pulled as content examples and are not endorsements of the above Twitter users.)

Now, is it wrong for an athlete, a hip-hop artist, a college student, and others to refer to thankfulness and gifts as blessings?
Certainly not.

  1. Being blessed with something should produce a greater presence of humility and gratitude, not more pride and selfishness. If it does the opposite, you’ve not received a blessing but created an idol.
  2. Recognize that any gift you receive, and relationship you have, any experience you enjoy comes from the giver of all good things.
  3. Instead of always looking for your own blessings, look for ways to be a blessing to others.
  • James 1:17a “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” As I recently celebrated the wedding of one of my closest friends, I got to celebrate the “blessing” of their new marriage. I too have been blessed with being married to my wonderful wife for over 3 years.
    Ultimately we must recognize that every blessing is given by God.
  • The greatest blessing is to know the One who provides blessing. Even better than recognizing God as the source of our blessings, is to recognize God as the greatest blessing. If we have redemption through Christ, what more could we possibly want or need?

    We quickly and naturally thank someone who gives us a gift… may we grow to be just as quick to praise and thank God, who has given us the greatest gift in Himself.

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