One of my most prized possessions is a signed copy of R.C. Sproul’s “Everyone’s a Theologian.”
Many people would never classify themselves as theologians. In fact, many Christians would never classify themselves as theologians, this in and of itself is a tragedy. The fact of the matter is not that everyone CAN be a theologian, but that everyone IS a theologian.

What do I mean? Let me ask you, is Jesus the Son of God? What is sin? What happens when you die? These words and phrases are inherently biblical, but they are also essentially theological.
Current issues such as homosexuality and abortion cannot be approached from a biblical worldview without understanding the theological position presented in the Bible.
As Sproul asserted in his book,

“Many people believe that theological study holds little value. They say, ‘I don’t need theology; I just need Jesus.’ Yet theology is unavoidable for every Christian. It is our attempt to understand the truth that God has revealed to us — something every Christian does. So it is not a question of whether we are going to engage in theology; it is a question of whether our theology is sound or unsound.”

-R.C. Sproul

You cannot decide whether or not you want to be a theologian, you are already one. You have ideas about God, eternity, sin, salvation, etc. And if we are going to be faithful to God and his word, we must understand what we believe and why we believe it. This is not to say that every person must be formally educated in a seminary (though I wholeheartedly endorse seminary education!).
However, when you are going to make a claim or hold a position, you will either believe and proclaim good theology or bad theology. Which path you choose will be shaped by the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you study the Bible and your willingness to listen and discuss with other believers.
Be like the Bereans! Search the Scriptures to test doctrine and see if what you know is true. Ensure that the theology you hold is good theology… If it isn’t, be humble enough to admit you’re wrong and courageous enough to hold to what is right.

This book will help you along that path, whether you are a younger Christian or someone who has walked with the Lord for many years.

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