As I thought about the many words I could have written, I continuously contemplated and complained of the contemptible cultural constructs and the conundrums of our customs that have consistently coincided with conflated consciences which have been curiously concealed.

Conversion in Christ is rarely conspicuous even in churches of called out congregants.

Change came in forms of cowardice; curtain call for the crowd commending cultural Christianity.

Callback to Cain’s arrogance, criminals and cantankerous; we’re citizens choosing convenience and calling commandments craziness.

Covering contempt with compliments, calling complacency consistency. Choosing condemnation over charity.

In the midst of this, the word to never become is complacent. And a complacent heart quickly gives way to a callous heart.

Yes there are problems, yes there is pain, but above all there is hope.

A callous person ignores the hurts of his neighbor.

Be a friend to everyone you can.

A callous person thinks only of themselves.

Choose to think of yourself less.

A callous person sees the worst in everything.

Decide to offer hope to the despairing and comfort to the broken.

A callous person finds depression each day.

Enjoy each moment, as life is like a vapor.

A callous person gives up easily.

Fight for joy, for love, for truth.

A callous person may be forgotten tomorrow.

Grace is for the humble and their reward is eternal.

The key to counteract a callous heart is a caring heart.

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