Dr. Moore argues for gospel centrality in today’s families.

“For those of us in Christ…storms should be no surprise. They need not panic us, nor need they destroy us.” (Page 3 of The Storm-Tossed Family) 

Winning the 2018 award for Book of the Year, Dr. Russell Moore has helped readers look into their family situation with gospel lenses. Whether you are familiar with Dr. Moore and his work, or this is your first time hearing about him, this is a fantastic place to begin!

The Storm-Tossed Family addresses issues from marriage and singleness, to parenthood and old age. With these broad categories, Moore is able to connect them all to the realization that our understanding of family and our experiences with family is important, but not ultimate. The subtitle to the book is “How the Cross Reshapes the Home”. Dr. Moore puts it this way, “We must see the family clearly, but we must see beyond it. The only safe harbor for a storm-tossed family is a nail-scarred home.” 

Through vivid, personal stories and illustrations, Moore is able to tackle significant moral issues relevant to today’s headlines. I appreciated his honesty and unwavering commitment to truth in each chapter and on every page. Some of what he writes is, put lightly, controversial. With discussions on the family come discussions on gender roles, reconciliation, divorce, abuse, and more difficult topics. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Moore did not ever shy away from these difficult topics, but writes with clarity and conviction. If there were ever a time when the world needed to revisit its understanding of family, it is now. If the church ever needed to hear what the Bible says about these difficult issues, it is today. 

I highly recommend The Storm-Tossed Family to every family member. If you are a parent, a sibling, a child, an aunt, a cousin, etc. to anyone, you need to read this book. Acknowledging the difficulties in families is only the beginning, there are solutions, and there is greater joy and hope than we could ever know in realizing that while our homes may be tossed by the storms, we can trust in the One who can calm the most violent sea.

All images are shared with permission from RussellMoore.com

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In Christ,
David Bunce

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