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Click Here to ENTER to WIN! Thank you for visiting! I am excited to give away a Called To Words mug and book "Steal Away Home" for FREE as a gift to one (1) reader as we celebrate Christmas and look forward to 2019. 3 Things you must do to enter: (And Don't Forget To Click The Link Above to … Continue reading Called To Words GIVEAWAY!


I am currently enrolled as a student at a theological seminary. Theology is what I study, but it is also the lens through which I interpret everything going on around me. You too have theological lenses, here are a few things to inform you and encourage you in...


"What is Calvinism?" I asked earnestly, and nervously, after gathering a large amount of courage to enter into uncharted theological waters with my pastor and several church staff members. I was at a youth event at Dave & Busters. While my friends were running around racing cars, spending tokens, and earning tickets, my 15 year-old … Continue reading Sovereign