"What is Calvinism?" I asked earnestly, and nervously, after gathering a large amount of courage to enter into uncharted theological waters with my pastor and several church staff members. I was at a youth event at Dave & Busters. While my friends were running around racing cars, spending tokens, and earning tickets, my 15 year-old … Continue reading Sovereign


Pneumonia, predestination, perseverance and pumpernickel bread were a few suggestions I got from my friends (and I hope readers). 😉 I went with Patience for the reason that so many of us both desire it and despise it. I'm sure you've heard the old adage: "Don't pray for patience because then God will give you … Continue reading Patience


The PlayStation 2. A modern marvel; a revolutionary gaming system with the best graphics, games, and gameplay yet invented. Or, as I gave my sales pitch to my parents (who until that point had not allowed me to own a gaming system because it would "rot my brain"...They may have been right.) it was an … Continue reading NEW