Three “Omni” attributes of God. (Omni is a prefix, simply meaning “all” or, “Of all things, in all ways and places.”) As a human, a characteristic I assume is shared by all of those reading this post, I am well acquainted with finitude. “Nothing lasts forever” or “all good things come to an end” are … Continue reading OMNI


The PlayStation 2. A modern marvel; a revolutionary gaming system with the best graphics, games, and gameplay yet invented. Or, as I gave my sales pitch to my parents (who until that point had not allowed me to own a gaming system because it would "rot my brain"...They may have been right.) it was an … Continue reading NEW


"No legacy is so rich as honesty." - William Shakespeare "What will be written on your tombstone?" asked our men's small group leader at church. By asking this question, he was urging us to think about what we wanted to be remembered for... The most famous Instagram account? The most successful businessman? The greatest actress? … Continue reading Legacy


I remember a class assignment in my undergrad when I had to attend and report on the similarities and differences of a Catholic mass, compared with a protestant church service. As I entered the "Basilica of the Immaculate Conception", why do Catholic churches always get the epic church names?? I was again awe-struck by the … Continue reading Kneel


"Keep it secret, keep it safe." "You shall not pass!" These are both examples of hortative phrases from Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings. Def: Giving exhortation : serving to advise or warn. Both words hortative and exhort are from the Latin word hortari, which means "to urge." We do not often shy away from … Continue reading Hortative